Our Mission

Formed by local residents, HARP members are a diverse group of citizens united in a love for the area and a desire to see it prosper.

Our mission is straight forward:

  1. Preserve our history and protect our local resources
  2. Encourage informed growth and development.
  3. Promote fiscal, recreational, and educational initiatives that benefit citizens of all ages.

Our core values:

  1. Positive Approach
  2. Non Political
  3. Volunteer Based
  4. Community Driven
  5. Complete Transparency

Consider This

History:Honor has a rich and unique history from its earliest days as an Indian encampment.  Following the Civil War, many returning veterans settled in the area.  With rich farmlands and a booming lumber industry, Honor provided ample sources of work for these men.  The town was an operational site of the Guelph Patent Cask Company, which maintained a large sawmill on the Platte River.  Guelph attorney Joseph A. Gifford was instrumental in developing the area; the town is named after his daughter, Honor Gifford.  Eventually it became the site of an annual reunion of Civil War vets, probably due in part to the name of the town.  What veteran’s group wouldn’t want to meet in Honor?  The commemoration was well known and heavily attended.

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Our Core Values

  • Positive Approach
  • Non Political
  • Volunteer Based
  • Community Driven
  • Complete Transparency